Tuesday, January 1, 2019


You’ll be a century old come March 24
if you live that long,
and you do my heart great good,
specially—these days—Poetry As Insurgent Art
and I’ll be sad to see you go
if you go to hell
but glad if heaven

Yes, it’s true
I’m one a’ them
who belong to Jesus Christ
Bible and all
and like gone Allen 
a howling one
and my heart will cry if you go down

it cries now actually
‘cause then it’ll be too late
and what I’m singin’
is a lover’s quarrel with man’s fate
our land’s great poet
dissing the glory of God
O let it not be, God above!


Nemesis is knocking at the door
                             –Lawrence Ferlinghetti

You think you could get away with it?
dissing the Lord Christ
all these centuries
as though He didn’t exist
and would not render every man and woman
their due

Even ol’ Patchen saw it coming
lions of fire
herald the Day
death on their tongues
nemeses these poets
to wake you

lest you die in your sleep
a generation in the Matrix
but He sends the poets
with death on their tongues
nemeses calling you out
from the city of destruction.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

To the Poets Who Live in the Days Leading to Armageddon

To the Poets Who Live in the Days Leading to Armageddon

What are you all talking about?
Can you see what’s going on?
If you really are the antennae of the race
you would know the times we live in.

Can you see God?
Are you aware of the devil?
Can you see the Beast
upon which great whore Babylon rides?

Do you know the prophecies that reveal
the dynamics of the age we are in?
Do you know who the good guys are
and who the bad?

If friends come to you in fear
of the pounding catastrophes
laying waste their lives, loves,
homes, and this very land

can you guide them to a state
of peace?  Can you
enable them to die well
and not fear death?

Can you tell them what lies beyond the grave
with absolute certainty
so that even your dearest loves and your own
selves will not fear?

If you can answer in the affirmative
to all these things
you must be a seer of the Lord Christ
for He and His alone can.

If you can’t, please hang it up
for souls don’t need more jive
in times of life and death
they need poets alive

whose voices can reach into Heaven
like true priests and priestesses
able to bring God’s breath to your hearts
and give you eternal life

Poets who can endure the billowing flames
and storms that will close the apocalypse
ushering all souls to their eternal destinies
and from whose hearts and songs

issue those streams of living waters
pouring forth from the Gospel of Christ’s
great salvation – Heaven’s floodgates of mercy open
from the heart of the Saviour of the world.

Don’t know this stuff?
I would suggest you hang it up
and seek out those hunted seers who do
for even in the ol’ USA things are gonna get rough.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Loving Dylan

Loving Dylan

You’re gettin’ close to the edge, Bobbie
and I’m just one year behind you
– ol’ edge eternity and the two destinies –
an’ you’ve been silent some years
as to whom you love
but as for me and my house
we will serve the LORD

got you on my mind though
as your voice was with me
back in the ‘60s
on the road
a strength and comfort
‘cause who knew
what was sane then

we trusted you
to be true
to your heart
and your voice was a joy
a dancin’ joy
in lame and lonely times
a brother to so many

and then you got on that slow train
comin’ – comin’ home to Eden
new on New Earth after the judgment
to the Holy One of Israel
even while still walkin’ the Dark Planet
gotta love you, Bobbie
and keep you in prayer.

    *      *     *

O Bobbie
don’ know whatcha doin’ now
this half century later
you drawin’ near the howlin’ edge
an’ me too
jus’ don’ wantya ta go over

‘cause I aim – myself – to go over singin’
leavin’ this ol’ body down here awhile
till He raises it in glory
an’ I really would like to see your face
among that eternal throng
groovin’ in such glory – unimagined here –
as to bring forth new and worthy song

to continue the adventure
started on the road
(and I followed you)
into an eternity of seeing
in His eyes the wonder
the beauty
of the endless source of life

May our Jesus shine on your path
so your eyes look up to Him
– the infinite majesty of His face –
as to catch your heart in His
never to fall away
never to fail
to the praise of the glory of His grace!

Sunday, May 19, 2013



The time of useful consciousness
the brief time in which
some lifesaving action is possible
                     –Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence, you’re almost finished
the time allotted you
on your pilgrimage
on this the Dark Planet
besieged from without
by invisibility-cloaked
Luciferian hordes
and from within by our own
ego-driven hearts
who prefer
to take the throne
of sovereignty
than yield it
to the God of life
and selfless love
who is Himself the source
of true holiness
– that sacred glory
we may have glimpsed
in high moments –

Yes, I know
He has those who claim to be
“his buddies on earth”
but belie this honor
by their antics
– forget them
they have nothing to do
with this
your own hour
of need – 

for the dark lord
eagerly desires
your soul
and awaits your arrival
in his realm
– you
who lifted your voice
to the world
in the name of the sacred
– you
who defied and despised
the dark powers
that engulfed
and overpowered
the sacred subjective
hearts of women and men
and little children
with juggernaut machines
and violence –
and now he would
make a spectacle
of you
the singer of humanity
and despoil you
before all the rest
of his captive humans
those who refused
the command of righteousness
and offer of mercy
and forgiveness
by his great Enemy
Jesus Christ
God the Son

forget His so-called
foolish “buddies”
it is the Saviour of the world
with whom
you now have to do
who says to you

Come to Me
all you who labor
and are heavy laden
and I will give you rest

him that comes to Me
I will in no wise cast out

I am the way
the truth
and the life –
no man comes unto the Father
but by Me

who gave My life
on the cross
a ransom for sinners

to make payment
for their sin

who rose from the dead
I am the resurrection –
and now give them the gift
of My own righteousness
as they abide in the shelter
of My heart

if you believe not
that I am He
you shall die in your sins

they that are whole have no need
of the physician
but they that are sick 
– I came not to call the righteous
but sinners to repentance

for I came not to condemn the world
but that the world through Me
might be saved

*   *   *

Lawrence, many would love to see
your face
on the new earth and heaven
wherein dwells righteousness
and is no death or pain

but the Eternal
dwells in our midst
surpassing the wonder
and glory
of all old earth’s

His presence
His love
our souls’ chief treasure

Rejoice with us
world without end.